Monday, September 25, 2017

Drop dogs off at Cheryl's
Pick Jim and Cindy up at Seatac
Pick up Phil's camera charger at his office
Find the cruise line parking lot and park!
As it turned out they didn't have any parking left so they took our keys and would 
park our Volvo SUV when a spot appeared.  

 After going through metal detectors 
signing papers saying we weren't ill, 
getting our photos taken

We got to board the Explorer of the Seas.

We had assigned areas and an evacuation drill was held.  
Already I was feeling too many people too close to me,  
Not only was it hot it was in the sun for too long!  

Off we go!
Cindy & Jim Pepper
Fonnell & Phil Reagan

wave good bye Seattle

  Smoke from the fires billow behind Seattle. Breath shallow everyone!

Bunny rabbit!

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