Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TSA officers arrested after allegedly stealing $40,000

So this headline brings up my recent airport experience.

Bleach boy and I flew to Burbank California in Feb. to see a new grandson
I haven't flown in a while and certainly not since the new x-ray machines
showed up at the airports.

Before I tell you my story you need to know that I am a seasoned flier. 
I had my first flight in early 1972
in a small plane with my husband to be flying it.

We loved flying and used to make the 4 hour drive to the San Fransisco airport
on the week-ends to catch the midnight flier. The midnight flier was a cash only, $10, first come first serve midnight flight to L.A.  We loved waiting to see if we'd get on that plane.  There was always a guitar or two in the line (they didn't care what you brought on board the plane, however a foil covered, very heavy carrot cake 
I baked, to take home, did unsettle them once) and music abounded.

I've not flown as much as far away daughter but I've been far and wide with pleasure, until now and THERE IS NOT MUCH PLEASURE IN THE ACT OF FLYING

Here goes my story.  Bleach boy and I were calmly in line at Seatac airport, very early in the morning but very busy.  I take off my shoes, coat, and unload my carry-on for viewing.  They were curt, move it here, don't push it, do push it.  Oh well you know how some people get if they think they are in a position of power, even if it's only power over the little plastic buckets at the screening zone.

Then I am told I have randomly been chosen for the MACHINE.  Yes x-ray time.
At this point my computer, camera and purse are in parts unknown because they move me over to a machine three lanes away from my stuff.  Still I am calm, I think bleach boy is over there UN-dressing (those darn belt buckles) and will watch my purse, camera, and computer.  

They decide after the x-ray to do the frisk thing, Now I'm not calm I'm pretty unsettled because as they move me out to a pad to do this pat down I notice one of the workers across the way has pulled everything out of my purse and is going through my travel money.  OK I'm not noticing the pat down I'm saying "Hay that's my purse you're going through" and I've raised my voice because the gentleman is three isle's away.

Are you with me here?

Mean while at the pat down zone they are finding my tiny little gold watch on my wrist is troublesome and want me to take it off. It has a latch that I rarely can open alone.  I look at this, barely speaking English little women, with a don't cross me lady that's my purse over there, look and she decides that she will pat my watch and let me go.

When I finally get over to my purse they hand me a wad of bills to hold and take the coins to run them, the loose contents of my purse and my camera through the machine again.  The older man doing this is kind but going way over the top with the fact that I have some coins

I had a few quarters for my grand kids to put in the gumball machines. They tell me not to carry change on the plane any more, and suddenly everything is dumped on me....my shoes, camera, coat, suitcase, computer loose, my change purse empty and my purse all taken apart and me with my hands full of bills.  I am at a loss how to proceed when they tell me to quickly step aside. True I did make a face when they said to take my items and step aside.  With this a TSA worker says "you are safer on your flight because we checked your change"  Is that so! 

YIKES do I really think that was a random x-ray, and pat down? 

 Do I really think
that taking me a long ways from my purse and items was random?

And do I think my catching them with all my money in hand as I left the x-ray pat down was expected? 

Remember beach boy, well he is over trying to get dressed again and put his c-pap machine back together.

So if you are flying and they separate you from your purse don't let it happen.  Because money is just too tempting to a lot of people.
And of course don't carry any coin! 


Does this look like a bomb carrying terrorist?

Does this look like too much change to carry?

Is this reward at the end of the flight worth the effort?

P.S no where we have flown has been as bad as Seatac

A fast trip

Life offers many interesting adventures but you have to grab on and take the ride.
This week bleach boy had a meeting in Portland and I could go along and spend the day with youngest daughter and the three grand kids.

I acted fast and off I went.  Here are the results

A quick hug and off to the meeting

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