Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another adventurous day

Oh yes Tues was a very adventurous day. We did do some more bike riding. We took Mirishana on a really big ride. A lot of exciting things happened, even a bat who was startled by the sun hitting his sleeping spot flew right into Mirishanas bike. She kept her cool but lost every thing in her bike basket and everyone on the trail stopped to see what to do with the shocked bat.

So here is our travel plan: village to Meadow park, over the hill to Lost Lake.

When Mirishana was much younger bleach boy and I took her on a long hike and this was a mural she posed at back then. It will be fun to find the old photo

There are a lot of signs on this post
We can go many places from here...

I don't get many photos on biking day but the flowers are very pretty on this trail

We stopped at a pond and guessed at a movement in the water, duck or muskrat?
The two ladies joining us in the fun offered to take our photo.
Nice to have all three of us together.

We made it up that giant hill and treated ourselves to barbecue lunch at Lost lake.
They have a food stand at this lake and were we ever glad
hungry hungry

We ended the day with a walk through the village and some swimming in the pool below us.
Cooler by a bit and nice too

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday was biking day

Mirishana has a bike and beach boy has a BIKE and I have a bike. So off we went on Mirishana's first day of trail riding. She tells us she learned to ride on gravel so these paved trails we'll take today should be easy for her.

There is some city riding she is worried about but I'm sure she will master it soon enough. We went from the village to Meadow park in the North and on to Rainbow park in the South.
One end to the next!

Here we go..............

we start the day at the elevator.
It lives on the 1st floor and we live on the third so we wait...and make faces and adjust everything and wait.

The next issue of the day is collecting all the stuff from our bikes. We have had so many things stolen from our bikes in the lock up. Now we undress our bikes and leave everything in the car and take bare naked bikes to the lock up! So it took a while to get smart....

At last on the trail!

right after meadow park we run into a closed trail.
The days of high heat here has been melting snow

Oh good a detour map!

We go through a neighborhood and Mirishana gets some more street practice.
And we make it to the lake but we missed the lovely board walk along the lake...

not here....

But here we lift our bikes over the you know what!

OK so a crazy biker tells us how it stands in the flood area and we learn the board walk isn't under water.

There goes papa and Mirishana down the board walk

Papa decides to take the flood route

Mirishana takes a look at the flood site
I have new very expensive walking shoes on and so I decide..........

NOT to........

Mirishana decides NOT to take the flood route
and we go back the detour route to meet papa at the beginning

Once again at meadow park and we notice how much the water has risen.
It's over the grass

As we walk along we can see part of the park is really under water

We take a snack brake, some gorp Mirishana made for us
and then it's back to the garage to reverse the process.

It was a great ride!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A day of rest

This is down stairs from our place we had to pose with everyone else who passed

This is the plan for the area right outside our deck.
We studied this closely and find it is mostly grass and trees.

Sunday is our day of rest. We don't swim, shop or party. After a peaceful morning we started our walk to rainbow park and a beautiful lake. This is our favorite place to spend Sunday afternoon the views are so heavenly. Poor bleach boys feet can no longer tramp these long trails so he drove the car to the park and Mirishana and I walked. Here is our Journey!

yes walking we only see the back of our companions
and remember bleach boy is driving over so he's not in any of these photos.

Mirishana is learning to master her way around she really has a good memory for landmarks

Today she mastered the signs. Everything here is posted but when you want to go home that Yellow village sign is most welcome. Today we are following the rainbow park sign

I don't usually hurry my hikes, I love the out of doors too much to rush but this heat is killing us!

Here is a sign that is telling us we are getting closer.
We have learned with metrics you figure if the number is getting smaller you're good.

Finally we made it to the lake, we are so very hot!

We did some drawing and some reading
Mirishana made Gorp so we munch it as we enjoy the day.

The park began to fill up

Everyone is always amazed when they see their first BIG skunk cabbage

We make a regular pause to check Mirishana's thermometer
we learned when hiking in the sun it was nearly 90 degrees F and hiking in the shade dropped it to 85 degrees.
Give me the shade then!

Yes the trail is long but we made it back almost 4 miles each way!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Come on vacation with us

Hi family

It's free Internet and free long distance phone this year in the unit. What luck! So here I am with the Whistler report.

First off let me say HOT HOT HOT...someone turn things down 20 degrees. Sorry I don't know what that is in metrics a small number just doesn't express the 95 degrees we had today.

The first thing we do is look out the deck to see what has change and WOWIE ZOZZIE Look at this new play ground. Behind it is the awards venue from the Olympics but it will be turned into a really pretty lawn area.

That's Mirishana coming down a slide that is a whole bunch of rollers
It's wild to watch the tiny kids bounce down it.

This fun spin toy kept tons of boys busy all day long and at night the older kids use it
Everyone seems to have a lot of fun going around and around.

This is a swing disk

Right now
We are trying to cool down a bit and Mirishana and I have nearly doubled our 10,000 steps today and we are beat!

First the hard work of walking in the heat to the lake

Then the reward a nice cool lake

Or not!
you decide your own reward..

Today included: swimming at Lost Lake, a walk through the village to hear all the music acts, Namimo bars and another trip to the grocery store. Yes that little last minute camping trip beat out a proper meal plan for this week. Tonight was Pioneer Woman's sesame noodles yummy.

Tomorrow is Sunday so after some morning scripture video's we will walk to one of the lakes and Mirishana and I will take our art supplies and see if we can put some of this beauty on paper.

Have a nice Sunday.


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