Thursday, December 30, 2010

Playing in the snow

This little posting is for far away daughter.  
In that hot place she is in she just might like to see her little dog enjoying the snow.

Still some maple wings on the tree out front now frozen 

Our house blends in with this snowy day

Pure snowy fun

Penny finely got brave enough to join us 
but as soon as we started running she dashed
for the house.  As a deaf dog she only comes 
out with a lease on...

Monday, December 13, 2010

The clouds lifted and the sun stuck his neck out and we party

In a quiet moment, that not many of you heard, Tiny expressed her love for all of us.  She told us how dear we all are to her.  I echo her feelings.  We all should have had a toast to the long relationships of love that we share within our group.  What would we do without each other and our monthly luncheons?  It is the richness of life to have friends, dear and long.  So as you look at these party photos know that there is a lot of magic when we get together.  Thank you Tiny for your kind words also.

 Dorothy's holiday gathering Dec. 2010

remember to click to enlarge photo for viewing

  The yearly favorites were there, lemon curd and cranberry scones and a treat from Hawaii Dolores brought back.  She says get your macadamia nuts from the swap meet!  The yummy candied orange peels Dorothy treats us to and many tasty goodies!

 Hi Renee' welcome back from school it's wonderful to have you with us!
She's making Hello Kitty hats wow!

 What's this?  The first gift from our handmade gift exchange has been opened.  This year we worked with the theme "Vintage" this should be interesting.

 A basket of kitchen tools, all of it looking very vintage. Corky put some felted hot pads and a neat little cook book in the basket etc. Dolores is a good cook she will love these kitchen tools!
  Oh if you want my vintage hot pad pattern find it at the end of this posting.

 Dorothy got a very interesting and soft............well we're not sure what to call it but Jackie is showing her how to put it on....

That looks very warm and toasty
Just what we need with this horrible weather

 Tiny's turn.  Anna Rose made the most wonderful gift...Oh dogie wants to see too.

 A beautiful photo made from a glass print.  This is Anna Rose's family in Scotland way back in time.  It's a most amazing photo and would be great on any Spinners wall!

 As we eat and open we still work on projects, we are ever industrious!

Now it's my turn. Everyone thought I was too slow

 What a really fun vintage apron Dolores made.
We have all kinds of fun old favorite symbols on the fabric. 
I know I'll really like this fun apron.

Oh yes we miss you! It's your smile that we need.

Pat made some very smart heavy duty shopping bags 
and I know Anna Rose will put them to good use

Dorothy knows some old movies we have never heard of
I hope Corky has a movie night so we can all come watch 
Oh I have nice new leather couches why don't you all come over?

I wish I could remember the name of the movie....hum

 Mildred got the package I brought.
  Phil boxed it so carefully and tightly we had 
to use scissors and a stapler remover to get to Frosty

It was a bit like doing mini surgery!

I was really happy to hear Mildred had a snowman collection.
I made him from air drying clay

Jackie opened a nice wood turned ornament from Mildred.  
The wood was a smooth as silk very pretty.

I wasn't close enough to get a photo but it appeared to be
a ruffly neck item.  I believe a collar.

Until next....Happiness daily to you all!

hot pads

Sugar and cream cotton and about a g or H crochet hook

Make a chain that is about 9 1/2 inches long
single crochet down the chain and then along the back side of the chain
After this first round it gets much better to handle. Just go around and around.
keep doing this until you have made a little boat that when folded corner to corner
the seam touches.  I do one more round and then tie off and stitch the seam closed and crochet a little loop for hanging.

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