Thursday, September 24, 2009

I like to record the moment

I like to catch people or events in tiny moments.
I used to go around the house and take a photo of each family member doing what they were doing at that moment. Those are some of my favorite family photos!
So this fair the time was moving so slowly on the last day. It was raining hard and it was hard to figure out if there were people around or not as they came in waves. If it rained the barns would fill, as soon as it stopped everyone was GONE!

This is one hour before the fair closed at 7 pm. Superintendents all wait differently so here are those happy people waiting for the end and what they were doing at exactly one hour left!

At the back door is our wine and home brews super he looks like the waiting isn't bothering him!

Linda is over the educational posters we know her from all our years in horse 4h

She doesn't like her photo taken at all!

She is spending her last hour behind the that's an idea.

This little person came through my end during one of the rain squalls she looks ready for anything. Way to go!

This is the needlework's superintendant

I've watched her grow up so I can tease

you will see some more of what she did in her last hour

Our new lace super, right between Rene and I

Boy did we give her a work out this year

She is also over the food contests

Busy lady now is this last hour bugging her or what?

rumor is they are out of her favorite food

Here are my two most devoted demonstrators.

They are with me from the beginning all the way to the end.

What are they doing in their last hour?

Another great find from the reclaim Queen.

She never lets anything go un-recycled

Beautiful quilt!

Now Rene does some needle punch she will get full use of this last hour

The spinning and weaving and basket Super is off doing what I am

Say "Cheese"

Oh the poor tired livestock super

looks like he's visiting my department in this last wet soaking hour

Looks like bleach boy is heading back to the animal barns

But not without a check on those rain catching buckets

over the needle work tables

I made it to the spinning dept and they had a lime green thing going on

My first car was this color!

Wow even the spinning demonstrator is in lime green

What's going on here

A little last hour madness!

What's the spinning super up to?

I wonder

A lot of us go for our favorite foods in the last hour

Looks like it's Carmel apples for the canning super and the fine arts super

I sent out for Carmel corn!

A quick photo of a very cute jeans apron

Looks like Rene is back to writing

frog who has been busy doing good and bad antics all fair has joined her along with her mom who is the Heritage display super, she is just lost in this last hour.

Do you think those paper towels are for that leak over their heads?

I've been cleaning up my office which I share with lace

Most of the fair it's full of sewing machines and suitcases of projects!

We can barely walk in here most years

And so we close this hour with Rene back at the needle punch

I flip the lights a couple of times

PULL the big doors closed

Lock them and turn

and yell


And everyone claps and begins taking everything down for returns the next day

Wow another great fair gone by

Catching up on Fair

Young Pygmy goats

The Evergreen State Fair ended on Sept 7th and I gave everything back on the 8th and 9th. When I got home I had a full pear tree of canning to do, a lot of pickles to make and rhubarb to can. Happy to say they are all finished and looking pretty in my shelves. Now I can add my fun fair photos. These are for my friend in Canada, who was a sheep rancher before they retired. She will enjoy seeing these 4-H sheep barns. Maybe you will too!

It was hot during fair and I know what heat does to sheep's wool so I question all these coats!

For my spinning friends I'm not telling you any breeds you have to figure them out

Hows' this for confirmation stanch?

Ooh these ladies are nice and cool!

it's either lunch time or they are giving me and my photo taking a message!

These are nice big barns.

I took my photos on a trip back to see bleach boy he was the livestock manager!

The baby goats are picking up moms spilled lunch

OK off to the cow milking these are fast paced and fun!

The contests are all held in the arena in the middle of the animal barns

when I can't find bleach boy I look here.

He has set up and take down issues with each contest.

Warm up the cow, milk the cow fast fast fast

switch cows and do it again

You are looking at the winner of the milking contest!

The milk is then added to the first bucket and weighed for a winner!

I'm now leaving the arena (you are looking at it) and heading down the fairgrounds

to the quilt barn

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