Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Story time and dinner at the park


It stayed hot the whole time we were in Southern California so we did our outside time in the cooler evenings. Do you know how CRAZY it makes a North Western gal like me to have blue sky and not be able to stand the heat to be out in it???

A fun walk to the park in the neighborhood
mom and Flynn made a kite to fly tonight

Flynn hunts lady bugs, his favorite

dinner time

So warm Penny can lay on a blanket under the park lights

Our walk home passed the very best malt shop!

OOps a sleepy one

Now a peek at our trip with the grand kids to library story time

Everyone was told to choose a book to read with their parent and off they all went!

A little game to touch our eye's, ears, turn around etc.

Flynn was not putting his orange down! we kept thinking he'd put his eye out with an orange.

This is surely the thing a mom does the most

Pack the kids in and out of the car!


From the library we went to our home stomping grounds to visit Bleach boys dear Aunt and cousin. I know our home towns are some of the prettiest in the Los Angeles area. Here's a peek

I Guess with the joblessness I won't see my old home area for a long long time
Good-bye Monrovia

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saturdays visit to the Studio where the magic happens!

Bleach Boy loads up for battle

I've never been to the studio where our son works. I don't think any of us have. Bleach Boy got to go to the cast party for Indiana Jones and the Crystal skull, but never to the studio. So Sat morning we loaded in the wide car we'd rented and took off for Santa Monica. It's not like a movie set, no all this magic takes place in the computer and the studio holds several rooms of computers in dim lite rooms. Yes they work in very sub duded light, maybe they can see the screen better.

On this day our sons boss, the company owner, was coming to see the work they had been doing towards a new way to make money. Yes keeping your business alive is a challenge and spending lots of money on new "stuff" can save you and make you look very smart when all is said and done or it can sink you. And we won't think about that end.

It was nice to meet everyone, and Clint's boss was warm and friendly. I enjoyed talking with him. I have to give him a gold star (yes I deal in gold stars still) for working with so many artistry personalities. It's a big job! I have several of these creative folks in my family and you never know what mood they might be in. So hear hear to the man who hires a studio full of these interesting, challenging people, and who works with them.

Our grandson and our sons father in law came along so enjoy these photos of the real fun in visiting the studio....................

Some quick lessons from dad. These were as close as you can get to real light sabers! And they cost real money!
Flynn was really loving this real adventure

The Battle begins!

Luke, I'm your father.......

Posters decked all the walls, many were signed.
Funny Flynn would end his battle with that poster behind him!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Off to see the Grand kids!

When planning a trip to see family
be sure and plan ahead and ask them all
to live in places you'd like to visit!

Make your first point of business to introduce yourself to the new kid on the block.

Well at least hug your new grand daughter!

When going from snowy April Northwest weather to hot hot Southern California weather

Seek a nice flowery bush to cool off under

If it's a special day at church help one another get dressed

even if you don't like wearing a tie

Penny is sure looking pretty for her Blessing Day

When taking a family photo in 100 plus degree weather, be sure you wear your sun glasses

It may not protect you from the heat but it blocks the bright sun?

These are my sisters, WOW I don't think we have any photos together since we were kids

Lots of family came to celebrate but I didn't get most of their photos. Sorry everyone

Monday, April 13, 2009

color matching class at Spin in

The spin in class as I saw it.

Our class was designed to help you spin interesting yarns but the best use was for tapestry weaving. We were given all the bright fiber and told to make all the different colors or hues in this card. We then attached the colors to the card. This was step one.

This is the fiber we used for the first card

On Sunday we went into step 2. We had another photo, which is a water fall, and we were to divide it into fourths any direction we wished. Once again we were to blend our fibers to make the colors found in this card. Then by looking across each division you spin the color that falls in line in the photo. I started this activity but found all four areas to be so nearly to the same that any yarn I made would not need so much fuss as it would get too blended by the eye at even a small distance.

My plan was to set it aside and create maybe a nice broom stick yarn when I got home. The idea is good I'd just like more contract and a wider value range to work with to really make this work. Hopefully you get the idea. Hand cards were handy, but even better would be the dog brushes Annie brought or a flick carder. Samples are like that, little bits of fiber but for a real project nothing beats a DRUM CARDER!

Does anyone want me to put the broom stick instructions on the blog?

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