Thursday, December 31, 2009

a peek at gift opening for you L #2

Lilly loves the hat Yoko made!

an interesting gift....a Yahtzee family game

who is this on our game pieces?

Ha Ha it's us!

Lilly invents new game rules

Lilly has already put this color book to use when we went out to eat

and the food was slow in coming! Get clean idea, the pens only work on the paper.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

Phil and I are very blessed people.

In a year of hardship we have seen kindness, mercy and love all around us
We are very grateful
For all of you we are grateful

Kodak gave a bunch of us some free product. I choose Christmas cards for my freebie and

here it is lovely and nice. If you didn't get a card your's is here, twenty cards don't go very far

Merry Christmas everyone

Please celebrate

We have a glorious reason to do so!

(Give Kodak your online business I've always been pleased with every order and they ship very fast if you are needing one of those photo books as a gift.)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our first holiday craft sales in a good many years

I was a big crafter from the beginning! I loved to sale my bears and dolls and baskets. I stopped some years ago when my kids got older and I got too busy to make dozens of the same thing.

But now I can join Phil and help him with his sale of beautiful wooden tops. Here are the photos of his first event. Clint made our great sign, thanks a bunch.

Awe yes on those cold, in the teens, dark mornings
you just can't go out without your reindeer antlers and sunglasses!

Monday, December 7, 2009

what happens when 11 cousins all meet?


Thanksgiving was amazing.

We had all 11 of our grand kids together for the first time.

Photos were hard to take. Someone always had a problem including the person pushing the timer on the camera and running to get into the photo. So enjoy how we all look believe me we know it's pretty crazy.

Reindeer lilly

Everyone except far away daughter!

Little boys cutting down trees

Little girls cutting trees down

Our son #1 kiddo

Our daughter #4 kiddo

Our daughter #5 kiddo

Our daughter #2 kiddo

good luck get all four of them to smile!

Natalie, Flynn, Logan now who are brother and sister?

Papa's hand, Clint's hand, Flynn's' hand

Three generations playing in the frost :]

Ooh some nice fountain ice

too pooped to pop!

mom's and daughters

papa and the grand kids

I think this is a trust issue

A big loud machine

But he always wanted to get on it.....

I trust you papa!

Bye for now!

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