Friday, October 15, 2010

Visiting son and the pumpkin patch!

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So family and friends our oldest is here with his family. We don't see them often as Clint is busy down in Southern Ca. working on one movie after the other. Right now he is in between jobs and making a visit.

As things would go he brought some sunshine from sunny Calif. and we added some cold air to make a perfect blend of good fall weather. This put us in the garden planting shallots and then off to the pumpkin patch.

I'm going to put these photos up fast for far away daughter who can't get e-mailed photos because of the far away place that she is. I'll add names and funny captions later. he he

Lilly 3 years old and cousin Flynn 4 years old are working together
to pull the Pumpkin wagon

It looks like a pumpkin procession,
Cheryl, lilly's mom, Flynn and at the rear Eden, Flynn's Pregnant mom!

Lilly really wants to pick this pumpkin below...

Oops she slipped a pumpkin under her top....or did she? Due in Dec.

This is our son Clint and Penny who just woke up
naps wait for no one!

family photos never an easy thing!

who's missing?

He does not want to be in the photo

finally we choose our orange beasts and load up the wagon

What a perfect fall day!

It's a yearly event for Lilly to get her photo at the tape measure and now
Flynn has a photo record of how tall he is.

Wow Clint you look like a real farmer

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