Friday, April 8, 2011

A sad loss of a dear Family friend

Good Bye Ed

The sadness so over takes Bleach boy and I 
It's hard to say what we love most about Ed K.

He had a joke for everyone.  He loved something funny to tell
Ed also knew all the silly, crazy things his son Mike and bleach boy did as kids
You will never hear such funny stories told about those two boys!  I will miss the way Ed Knew just when to tell a story on the boys!  
The wicked smile he'd use in the telling.

And thank you Dear Ed for teaching our son Clint at age three to eat 
cream of wheat with 
Jalapeno peppers. 
Yum Yum

We will miss your calls, your kindness, your salty what's right is right
what's wrong is WRONG cowboy side! 
We will miss you! 

There is no replacement for someone who has known you and
loved you for most of your life. I know Phil will feel a deep hole in his heart.
He's lost a dear friend, a fellow telephone man who understood the lingo 
who cared what was happening in the industry
because Phil was living with it. 
Someone who knew you as a kid, a boy,
a man and still loved you in spite of yourself. 

If only we could have shared just one more phone call,
just one more e-mail joke. 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spinning Spinning Spinning

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this week-end away with friends. 
Enjoy our photos


Seeing dear ole friends from long ago.

laughing all the way home!

A fun rainy afternoon at Jump Planet

Oh Spring in Northwest Washington can be a tease. 
You see the pink and white bosoms all over, you sneeze with the mass amount of pollen.  It gets warmer but still it rains and the clouds sit on your head & you find....
an afternoon at Jump Planet saves the day!

Lilly didn't know what was going to happen when we promised to take her to Jump Planet.  This is her first amazed look into the warehouse of big balloon jump toys.

Even mom gets to slide down one big slide

She shows no fear no matter how high the slide is!

See Lilly way up high

So go visit the Bothell Jump Planet

Check their calendar for drop in times.

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