Thursday, September 29, 2011

grabbing those little moments, when they come.

Bleach boy and I are impromptu people. We hate to miss those little moments of escape when they come.  Last evening it was a last minute bike ride 9 plus miles on the Slough trail. No photos of that, but I was riding my new colorful bike.  Trying to work into a comfort zone with this bike....

Today it was over 70 degrees so I bought sandwiches and bleach boy came home from work really early and off we went to the beach......Those little moments can't let them pass you by....REALLY

  Yes the best place to play hooky!

a little sun dog in the sky
you can click on the photos to see them larger
they are pretty.

The tide was behaving
excuse the "dots" all over the photos
some are moisture from the beach and some are
dust on my sensor.

The sea gull seemed to like our company
no matter what came through, kids, other birds, the tide, 
he seemed to stay next to us.

see how close he gets, that's my feet on a big log

A perfect dinner view!

The tide began to rise 
And we sat there.

The boaters began to head for home

The tide got closer......

The little boats head home 
wow were they paddling fast

The tide starts to move the logs near us out to Sea........bye logs

The log on the far right is now free floating
and we have had to DASH for higher ground
Picnic bag, lawn chairs and camera all in tow.


Good-bye sea gull
Good-bye boats
Good-bye ocean
Good-bye sun

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