Wednesday, August 26, 2009

At exactly 10am Tomorrow I open my doors and....

Yes Tomorrow is opening day at the 101st Evergreen State Fair!
At the moment 10 am hits I open the front doors to our open class building.
Here is my portion of the building in photos. You get an early peek.
Also in building is the lace, knit, crochet, needle arts, floral, bee's, photography, hand spinning, baking, canning, homemade brews, educational displays, the historical booth and the local granges put out a beautiful display of the produce grown in our area.

Here we are in my dept. Sewing and Quilting

Looking in the front door down the west bay of building 500

This is the glass room, usually it holds a wedding dress or two but not this year

This on the right just as you walk in

We hang the quilts down both sides of the center

one facing front, one facing back they go all the way down the hall

That's my table where I sit with my own little fan

I don't get to sit too often but there is a lot of paper work before people get paid. I am right next to the glass room

This glass case is next to my office and that display on the right as you come in the door

The two tables there hold lots of demonstrators

I run three groups a day for four hours each

This display is next to the demo table

This glass case holds all my small entries, little things to be carefully displayed

We hang quilts in every nook and cranny

This center three tables hold quilts this year, we guard them with a stapled sheet of plastic

I have three big bins to display the clothing in

On each item is a colored card. The violets, greens and blue are children, White is adult, pink is expert, gray is challenged, cream is over 70. The kids do a lot of the garment sewing.

This is on the wall of that first display area at the door

My office the hot spot for sewing machine storage

Haven't taken photos from the other end of the hall got called away to another Department and never got back for the rest of my photos so latter...................

I'll have a purple cow for you, eat an elephant ear, and drink lots of lemonade!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on Phil

UPDATE: Tons of appointments, classes, tests, now waiting for the bills. However it all told the Cardiac Dr. that Phil was doing good and could go back to swimming yesterday. He's a happy fellow now.

We are in our work season. Fair opens on Aug 27th. It's hard work so I'm not sure how often he will get out to swim but he felt really great on his first day back.

More later after a few more tests. But all is looking much better than a few weeks ago and we are marking major changes to our diet mostly very easily.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rainbow fairy has a home!

The yellow spots are from an egg we did some polish painting on and one year it bursts all over the place!

I owed my sister a fairy top.
She was our first purchase many months ago. I let her have her pick of all the new ones and Auntie Georgia still choose the original one she saw when we first started these. Who would know I was in the mood for a rainbow when I painted her fairy.

It felt wonderful to be painting again.

My old worn brushes felt like dear old friends in my hands. Not the same hands as when I first bought some of these in college. I remember switching to night classes so I could think and finding that art just flows from my hands at night. I should try that again. I don't know if the paintings on the walls of my house were more fun or if these tiny fairies are the hardest, there by more fun. Something about capturing a face, a personality is ever so much more interesting.

I did a series of pencil drawings of women in all kinds of times and places and I love faces. Every now and again I ask myself "why am I not drawing?" Got too busy I guess. Sitting in the critical care unit hour after hour was made better by drawing fairy face after face on paper.

What are you forgetting to do that you love?

Maybe we should calendar it in so it's part of our schedule. I did that with the piano, I love to play and never gave myself any time. I have a beautiful studio grand and it should be played! Miss Lyndy are you giving yourself time to play? You are a very talented lady don't let it go......

So Monday I'll bundle up Rainbow Fairy and send her to her new home.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I painted fairy tops

Time has been short but when I think about it I know why. All these extras I've been doing, like sewing fabric leaves for fairy skirts and then painting all these tops. Hope you find one you like, they were fun to paint. I don't use those skills as often as I'd like.

Rainbow Fairy above and below


Butterfly Fairy



Two faces on this fairy for watching behind her

Black eyed Susan

Bag of instructions and display stand

Yes bleach boy makes all the wooden toys

I'm only the painter

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