Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photos so old it takes your breath away!

Isn't it amazing how we can capture time in a photo?

we are pretty sure we found this house before the family reunion here

We, bleach boy and I, were looking at old photo's tonight. One popped up on my screen saver and it peeked our interest. The Reagan's have a long and old history in the Seattle area and these photos prove it. So family enjoy figuring out who they are. Your grandpa is a baby in some of these. Tomorrow I'll try to add names...Enjoy

Now you can see the family bleach boys middle name came from

Looks like it's right out of little women! Love it

I believe this is at the famous world expo in Seattle, No not the one in the 1960's

It was held on what is now the UW campus...Our family was there! wow

Don't you just love those hats! only at the turn of the century could they manage such big hats.

Bill Watson, Mrs. Claude Shaw, Mother Reagan (found written on the back, long ago)


We think this is Alki beach long ago

This is long lake, love the suits!

Bernie is the little boy being balanced by his dad in the upper left hand, he is in the front where you can see them nicely

Can you name all the Reagan boys?

John D. Reagan Sr. Margaret Tresselt, Earl Reagan, Margart Ashworth, Jim Bready? and Mame Reagan

Margart Ashworth, Will Ashworth, and Mayme Reagan

The backs of these photos like to spell mame's name differently each time

All I know is her smile, her charm, her delight in life comes out in the photos I've seen.

A person I'd like to have known.

I hear the family liked to camp up in the mountains of Woodinville.

Wonder if this is where they are.

Left to right: Mrs jinks, aunt Emma Hartley (Aunt Maybelle's mother Reagan) Mrs. May Wholin, Grandma Maime Reagan and Bernie and Jack the dog!

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