Saturday, September 30, 2017


Did you notice our shoes in the elevator  photos?
we only took these photos when just the two of us were in
the elevator, a real task! 
You can tell what we were up to
by our shoes.
Hiking boots means a day on land,
Dress shoes means we are off to dinner

Today we will be at sea all day long
So some fun stuff to do on board.

Cindy and I took a Galley tour with
a lovely brunch afterward.
Jim and Phil took an even better tour!
They saw the inter workings of the whole ship!

Enjoy our photos

The bread at dinner each night was amazing!
Something I never get. Freshly made each day

They answered our questions, shared what they do in this hidden part of the ship.
Gluten free gets it's very own spot away from all offending food!

They are masters of recycle!

Everything that comes on the ship has to leave at some port.  
So careful planning is the only way it works

All The food for the week is on board.  
I hear it was all bought in Seattle
Fish and all
The ship holds 5,020 on-board 
That includes staff.  

That's a lot of food!!

On with the tour of the ship 

There are wings on the sides of the ship.
Phil's tour got to go into that area
This is from inside the wing.

They must have to see a map to get around too!

I really wonder what a white Sea Condition is???

We really enjoyed the Tours and it took all morning.
I lost the group for a long while.
Thanks for those directions Phil "go to the # floor and turn at the door"  

I grabbed a book and found a place to sit and waited for them to find me.  
Why waste a peaceful day? 
Maybe I'll even get an icy cone, it's on the smoking side but
if I hurry I'll have a prize and clean lungs. 

Only two Dinners left on board.

Dinner becomes a special time on these last two days

Tonight the cooks all come out and sing 
and take their bows!
Everyone waves their napkins in gratitude for those yummy meals.

It's fun music and now we know how many cooks it takes to feed this many people!

Broadway, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and Los Vegas


The show was great.
I started out sea sick I didn't think
I'd make it through the show,
Mind over tummy!

love the bat!

Outside our rooms window was a display of some of the towel animals 

I travel with buckwheat pod pillows
I usually take the big pillows off the bed
 and toss on the couch!
 when I leave in the morning I restore the big pillows.

Our room caretaker was so smart he figured it out.
The big pillows for my side of the bed were removed
at turn down in the evening and this is what was in their place.

my two pillows tidy and nice
WAIT!  who is trying to climb up to our room?

Friday, September 29, 2017


Day Five
Tracy Arm Fjord

This is what we have been looking forward to seeing!
It means getting up really early.
With so many cruise ships in the area it looks like there are assigned times.
I'd read online that none of the big ships go into 
the Fjord but the really interesting thing is we watched a pilot get on board the ship
so it seems an expert in the area makes that choice to go in or not go in.

 Yes fog was a problem but as we waited there was hot cocoa
 and friendly people to chat with. 
I think my photo's tell the story.  
It was a very beautiful place!

There is a nice thick layer of fog however it is very early and the sun is just coming up.

Wind blown and early how good can you look?
slowly the land begins to appear so we wait

can you tell where we went?  I can't.  We didn't go very far.

Keep in mind I'm using a 400 lens this is not close to us!
I really want to go further!!  It looks amazing.

one of the first signs of whales is that puff of air and water
The whales were humpback from what I could see

we saw several whales and some seals feeding in a kelp bed
Still a little fog but it sure adds to the mystery and beauty
I had hoped we'd get to the back of this ice field where you can see glacier calving 

There are beacons along the way but there is so many bits of land sticking up here and there
it's feeling like it's time for breakfast!

we have our two binoculars with us
and we scan the shores for bear. 
Another ship waiting in the wings!
All the s"stuff" in the photos are ice. We heard some small chucks hit the ship as we went. 
That's not a whale that's shiny clear ice

one last look and we are off heading to open water...

I think I'll go back to Juneau and take a boat tour of 
the Two Fjords.  It would be worth the effort!

Tonight is formal dress for dinner 
Phil's photo is really great,
mine was not.  

We had several ways to stay busy
I did some sitting looking out on the water
I saw some dolphin and some whales. 

There was an afternoon 
Love& Marriage Game show.
It was pretty funny they took the longest married couple,
the shortest married and another couple.  

This was held in the Palace Theater

The evening show was Michael Harrison 

Now this was really funny,
I laughed and laughed. 
Who knew a tennis ball could talk so much.

At our back window tonight "70's Disco Inferno Street Party 10pm
Another night for earplugs!

more open sea more sea icky!

Barf bags hang on the stair rails.  
I have my pressure bands I'll survive
Nights are the worse however. 

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