Monday, May 19, 2014

Out of the forest into the farm land

Eastern Washington is an amazing place!

Geologically it has seen a great ice shelf that
burst open and washed across the face of the land.
To best see this scaring you'd have to fly over
which I have done.  Come see it at eye
level, some photos were taken through 
the car windows and may have a dark tint.
It is a very hot day.

The wind really was turning these giant windmills

Bento boxes for lunch
ate looking out over the Columbia river
Wasn't easy to find a place to eat, everything
is closed from the winter season.

                                   Hazel is under the seat in the shade
                                 Cindy Lou is using my shadow
                                                  It is HOT!

 Columbia River

This is for you Laureen!
Caught it as we passed a couple
of very slow big rigs. 
Remember these Indian horses?

                                                 Road construction is forever with us, using
                                                 Stud tires and winter chains means road work
                                                 Spring and Summer.  We went for miles on the
                                                 bunps in the road.  Misery!

So take a guess
What do we grow that is yellow?

                                                 Isn't this a great tool for watering crops?

                                      Some of the fields had the crops names on the fences. 
                                       Now who knows if they grew potatoes on that field
                                     10 years ago, or if it really was growing there right now!

                                                    In Washington state we grow things!

                                     We are the #1 grower of apples, all kinds. 
                                     We are 5th in the nation for wheat, and #2 for potatoes, #3 for hay.
                                                I love the taste of Washington grown potatoes!
                              Our other #1 in the nation crops are hops, barley, Kentucky bluegrass,
                               onions, mint, carrots, asparagus, cherries, grapes, pears and raspberries. 

   Hay anyone?

 Miles of hay storage.  Looks like they are about to harvest
              their first cuttings of alfalfa.  Such a pretty green right before harvest! 

Now isn't that a pretty green?
Taken outside of Spokane

Next posting will be down town Spokane 
and the water fall that goes on and on!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The trip to Spokane, two dogs, Phil and I

Phil just gets home from 3 weeks in Africa
 he has work that needs attention in Spokane.

I thought it over and, though Cindy Lou had not been with us yet a week, 
I decided we'd go along.

We will have been in this Beautiful state of Washington for 29 years this August 
 I've seen most all except the far north/East corner. 
 I am always taken with Washington states beauty 
 I never grow tired of it!

Hop in and join us
That's Cindy Lou Who in the front she is 
nearly 5 months old
Hazel is the lovely cocoa and cream dog
she will be a year next month.  
They are full sisters from different litters. 

 There is still snow, some very close to the road
Because it is warming there were lots of 
waterfalls coming down the cliffs.  

We saw an Elk next to the road.  wow
Phil's first job site was Suncadia
looked very high end.
Up in the forest with a golf course and 
very big houses.

As soon as you hit the pass the look of the
floral and fauna changes.  The fragrance of pine,
and all the wild flowers, spring is so lovely in
the mountains. 

 Everyone out of the car, stretch those legs!

Cindy Lou checks on the cabinets
Ok Phil no monsters behind it.

We have a snack and take a nice hike
Phil can take 30 minutes or more on a site
plenty of time to explore.

Cindy Lou reminds me of the story of  The Poky Little Puppy.  She pokes around all the
 little nooks and crannies and we have
 to look for her all the time.
We found a cemetery back in the forest 


  What a fun hike, time to get on the road again.

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