Monday, February 2, 2009

Bounty and Harmony

Lichens dyed wools

Since I'm in my snow globe I can feel free to let myself wander. The beauty of living in a globe!

I've found I don't really like people knowing much about me. I didn't really know this until I started blogging. I never see any of you and feel like I'm talking to myself and only when the rare few who comment (love ya for it!) do, then I understand I am sharing who I am.

(I am out going and YET very private, such a person of contrasts! I worry you will find me strange )

Here we come to one of my odd hobbies. Enjoy

I went for a trip out to the goat barn and looked at the ground to steady myself. The snow finally gone after what seemed like months left a ragged ground to travel but it left something else I just love to see.

Lichens that never come down from the tops of the trees had joined the moss on the ground.

My heart be still! I must pick you up little Lichen's from the tree tops.

I love to hike but after a wind storm you might not want to join me and at least don't follow behind me. My children can warn you, I pick things up as I hike. I can even get the most resistant person to join me picking things up. I don't say a word but watching me drives people to join in.

click to enlarge

I take these, beauty's of nature, home and turn them into heavenly smelling dyes.

Wow you can't say that for most natural dyes. Yuck alanet!

This is where the Bounty come in. Nature always provides something. You never know what you will get but if you aren't in a hurry you will always have something to create a life with. Our society has forgotten this. Maybe with money slipping away from every one's pockets someone will remember that Nature has always provided Something!

I will always have color in my life because I know what to do with the bits blow from the trees. You may not love the deep browns of the Lobaria Pulmonaria but it gives tons of dye from a tiny handful

Is it greens or blue grays that meet your fancy? I can dye those too from Lichens.

I found the Xanthoria that made that blue on a maple tree in Provo Utah. My eyes ever focused to see these tiny lichens.

But who could resist the butterscotch color the Parmelias offer. One of my favorite Lichens to find. A difficult treat, a hunt for sure!

The caution now comes. Anything that is given to you just for the taking should not be treated with greed! We are a large population on our planet. Can we care for it better? Don't take all that you need EVER. Take a little of what is there to give your life charm and meaning but never ROB mother nature. If you will wait patiently you will be rewarded. Look at the ground now and again.

It's breath taking when you ferment an Ochlorechia or ugly Umbilicaria for months and months only to find you can make several wonderful pinks. The sad part is you have to find these at high elevations.

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