Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Phil is doing much better

Taken Tues at noonish talking to the hospital

Some of you wanted to see how Phil was looking
Great now!
He is the proud owner of a couple of stints in his heart arteries
Everyone should clap their hands for the emergency folks at Evergreen Hospital
They were calm, professional, and fast!
Even at 2 am everyone seemed to get everything Phil needed even a C-pap machine!
His surgeon was amazing and put up with all of Phil's curiosities
The nurses are the kindest people in the world I think. They work so hard.
I was grateful that the Critical Care unit is locked (few visitors)
and you have as much privacy as a glass room can allow.
God held our hand though this one
Phil welcomes heart healthy recipes
Lets hear it for vegetarians!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Logan has a beat in his soul!

Tonight we went to the Japanese Bon Odori. A festival that features dancing to honor your dead. There were fan dances, and clapper dances, and lantern dances and baseball dances (to help Ichiro イチロー,win his game) and tiko drummers a plenty. But most of all was how much Logan and the kids loved the music. Logan didn't miss a chance to dance!

Logan joins the dancers in traditional Japanese dance

Dad helps Logan learn how to dance

time for a fan dance

Lilly and logan play a cousins round of drums

Logan really gets down to the drum beat!

More fan dancing

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

celebrating the 4th of July

It's the 4th of July, Independence day, and we are off to the Bothell City parade

The wagon is decorated, hastily because Lilly will be in the pre-parade

It's very hot and Phil wants to be in the shade but I am out in the sun taking all the photos!

The flashing lights of the police motorcycles signal the beginning of the kids parade

You can see the first little Hot wheels right behind the policeman

There are a lot of kids and families doing the kids parade this year.

More than I can count.

Oh look! Cheryl has talked Christine into being in the parade with Lilly

This will be Christine's first U.S Independence day and here she is in the parade!

See wagon in the middle of this photo

As they get closer I enjoy watching parents making fast repairs to bikes and decorations.

It's a charming event I hope Bothell always does.

As Lilly, Cheryl and Christine pass I see that Lilly is pounding a drum. She seems very hot but enjoying this odd thing she is doing.

There was a special award this year for being in the parade. It's Bothell's 100th birthday and Lilly will have this nice ribbon to remind her she was there for the 100th birthday.

Done with her walk of fame Christine cools off

Lilly turns the decorated wagon into a bed to nap in

and the parade goes on!

The oppressors!

The Oppressed (us!)

The Pipers

The Pirates! Yikes

Boom Boom

Looking for tossed Candy

finding the tossed Candy

Our neighbor girls float

Our neighbor girls gym group

All done, too much heat and heading home

Until next year, Happy 4th of July and Happy 100th birthday Bothell, our home.

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