Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm sticking with 32!

32 and going on...

Cake and appropriate candles ready

A long time ago....in another decade.......My family let me choose what age I wanted for every other birthday to come. They put an assortment of numbered candles and a bare cake and that year..............long ago....................and far away..............I CHOOSE TO BE 32 for life!

So Sunday when my birthday rolled around I was younger than some of my children.

Amazing how that works now!

Lucky me.

It takes the sting out of the cake and the day to know you are only 32. An age I loved.

Lots of wonderful people came to celebrate with me. I thank all of you for making my birthday so fun. I love celebrations, birthday, picnics, holidays all wonderful in my thinking so to have so many nice birthday wishes on Sunday was perfect.

Some of the interesting surprises was a e-card from my sister devoting Disneyland park to me for my birthday, my name in banners all over Disneyland, wow! My favorite radio station's DJ's sent me a video of them singing happy Birthday to me! And with the web cam on my 3 year old grandson and his mommy sang me the most lovely round of happy birthday! A big arm full of pink roses from a daughters family are still brightening my days.

My far away daughter offered to call me every 15 minutes to remind me it was my birthday but her call and e-card was plenty. Another friend sent me a really full look at the 60's in an e-mail and the beautiful e-cards everyone sent were very lovely. On top of all that face book was just buzzing with well wishes all of them fulfilled.

Thanks all!

I didn't take these photos so we shall see what bleach boy did to my lovely guests, did he leave heads on?

click to enlarge any photo

Candles lite, party ready!

I think I can blow out two candles...Yes I get my wish!

grand kids looking on "will she do it?"

A really cool puppet made by my oldest grandchild. She really worked hard on all the features of this puppet. I shall enjoy it for sure!

A little birthday magic....sleeping child!

Lilly looks on with interest as I read my sisters note for cake baking

I reveal the castle shaped cake pan from my sister.

Lots of ooo's and awwww's

Oops magic spell broken

Creatively sung birthday song with cake and goodies from the ladies I work with at church. Nice surprise!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How bad can turning 70 be?

I'll ask again, "How bad can turning 70 be?

Oh not bad the way Dolores does it!

Her two sweet daughters invited a bunch of friends, decorated the hall with flowers ,candles, and family photos and added some tasty treats. It was a great day to celebrate, as the March 1st wind and rain played outside we played inside. Enjoy the photos, and I was restrained this time, (I think!)

We have already been invited back for Her 80th birthday. WOW that's planning ahead.

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