Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dad's Spring projects

There was a time limit to this latest project.

Winter had it's braking points this year and my beautiful pole
gate pass through collapsed with the heavy snow. 

The one really good thing is we did get all the barns shoveled 
off before the heavy rain so nothing else fell to the weather......
Wait I'm wrong there was an early spring wind storm that twisted two giant
trees in the pasture and brought them right down! 
 Another strike for Mother Nature

Spring has been nicer and bleach boy got the trellis up 
minutes before the clematis bloomed.  
He had to struggle, his shoulder is giving him so much trouble.

 I think he needs some

 for this Giant effort to redo my loved pathway.

Being unemployed always invites new projects for Phil
so now I will have a nice walk through into the South garden.
Every day a few more poles set.  

Here it is a work in progress

The fresh wood frame is just supporting the new poles 
until bleach boy gets the cement mixed and in the holes. 

The width of the walk through is between those two pole.
There will be a fun gate that will take
me in and out of the South garden. 

I'm just delighted!

There will be an herb pot shelve 
that will run along the fence from the 
house to the gate.  
The herbs have always loved that bit of sun
 that hits at the corner of the house. 

Luckily we will only have to move these heavy pots a couple of feet!
See the corner of the house? That is where the shelf will begin.

Now for the fun part of my walk outside.  
I found an inexpensive green house at Fred Myer a few months back
When I finished putting it up I added a cat bed to one of the shelves.
I knew Midas could not resist so I might as well give him a bed 
so he didn't lay on the plants.  

I peeked in and as I snapped his photo he jumped out of his bed.  
Crazy cat.

You can see the orange cat in down by the tomatoes. 

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