Sunday, December 28, 2008

spinning tops and the grandkids

The tops rest under the dolls which are used to launch the top

We don't let things get us down until we have to (bleach boy and I) even as no job was procured and Christmas came with no money to be spent. BUT we are resourceful and here are photos of the grand kids learning to use the tops bleach boy made. I helped by testing and painting them. The wood is all different and beautiful as we were using every scrap we could find. We have a barn of collected woods. A tree doesn't get cut down without our collecting a bit of it but this year getting to the tools to process the big stuff was impossible. So we collected from the wood cupboards and all the nooks and crannies of our world. I have been a wood worker for as long as I can think back. Bleach boy has joined me in wood collecting in a big way so he has his hide-a-ways too.

I think I should start selling our tops so we can keep the groceries coming. They spin wonderfully but tell me what you think, do they look like a sell able item? What would you pay for a nice handmade wooden toy?

This is a rabbit and turtle race top. Once the top is launched in the plate you drop in the rabbit and then the hare. It's a fun race and they can pass each other. The top set has two sets of everything.

You can see the rabbit and turtle in the plate with the top

This is such beautiful wood, cocabol

it will spin forever!

I received this doll top from bleach boy. He said I can paint it or not....hum

The dolls were my favorites the whole time we worked on them so I was happy to open this on Christmas day!

The black one is a type of Ebony, it came back with traveling daughter from her life in Tanzania

This is a fun top, Sumo wrestlers

See the cut outs on the tops? Launch both tops and they will push and push trying to push each other out of the circle. And they Do!

Isn't she pretty. I had such fun painting her for our youngest grandchild, Natalie.

Yes that's the ballerina's underskirt!

If this seems like a lot of tops it is because we have 10 grandchildren and some fun neighbor kids . I didn't even put in all the photos there are so many! It was a fun month of gift making

Lilly and her top

Bruno, Liam, Mirishana, Dulce, Joshua,

papa and max and group

papa, Dulce, and Bruno

Zoe and her dad

Friday, December 26, 2008

first day

Photo of hat wearing trash cans on Christmas eve

Yes it's my first day in this globe. I have photos of what has been happening here. They are real and so is bleach boy shoveling day and night to keep ahead of things.

Christmas morning another 9 inches

Looks like no hope of getting out today

This is not a strand of lights hanging off our neighbors roof!

This is a strand of lights hanging off our roof!

Midas ventures out.....Midas returns quickly!

Our yearly Christmas morning photo on the stairs

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