Friday, January 8, 2016

Dorothy's Christmas party through the years

One of my deepest pleasures is 
joining my friends at Dorothy's 
for her annual Christmas party.
It started as a cookie and gift exchange, 
now it's a time for munchies and gift exchanging. 

Enjoy some of our yearly photos
some years there was not anyone to take a photo sadly.

Here is 2016 a perfect party!

This year December 2015

Last year December 2014

January 2013 party was a month late this year
Anna Rose was with her daughter.  Dorothy and
Mildred ended up in the hospital in Dec.  
Do I have this correct?

December 2012
 December 2011

December 2010

December 2009

Could this be the missing 2008?
Can anyone figure
it out by what you are wearing?  I go by when I cut
my hair's long in this one.

December 2007

December 2006

December 2004
Oh so glad I am Tiny found this in her collection!
Look carefully you will see we have Nancy in 
the back and Diana in the front. 

I started going to Dorothy's when I gave up my job cooking
for North shore School district
that would have been in 1996 or 1997
Does anyone else have a group photo in the 1900's?

Wish we had started taking photos much sooner in our years of meeting
I don't seem to have the year 2008 Did we get snowed out one year? 

What a good many years we have all known one another!
Click on any photo to look at all of them enlarged.  

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  1. Wonderful to see us grow old (mature) thru the years and to see those that are no longer with us...


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