Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The first look at the beach, morning run for the dogs

Morning time is potty time for the dogs
So out we went
We couldn't wait to see the beach.

At home trips to the beach meant eating sand
I was hopeful they are less puppies now and 
will leave sand eating out of this trip!

Oh I see the beach only a few steps away....ooooa
 now to look back at where we just came from
only steps away... I love this.
That's where we stayed on the 3rd floor

oh my this is a pretty beach.

Ok dogs you promised no sand eating, maybe that is sniffing they are doing.

Birds maybe

I am really lovin this beach
breath taking!

Look at this no fog.... it all rolled in after our walk

Well looks like the household is still sleeping mostly.
tip toe

Once everyone was up and fed breakfast it was time to give Clint 
his birthday present
I worked so hard on this from early Dec on and Costco lost the
book before printing it 
I licked my wounds, tried to restore my creative process
and did it ALL AGAIN!
Now that I've seen Clint's reaction to a book with 40 years of his life
I question that maybe that is hard to take.  
Fun to make but hard to take.  

100 pages
nearly 500 carefully collected photos
and only one duplicate not removed 
& one miss labeled child!

Papa gives Flynn a photo of a Cheetah he saw on his 2nd trip to Africa

Now it's off to a our first day on the beach

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