Monday, August 25, 2014

Rockaway Beach August 2014 The Philip Reagan family

Rockaway Beach
I started out tired. 
We had a calendar full of travel, guests and things
 to do for over a year. 
We rented three condos right across the road from the 
beach, that was the highlight of the week.

 Tearful good-byes!

Getting there was tricky
 Rika our Japanese exchange student
was catching her bus to the airport thurs morning and
we were to be at the condo in Rockaway any time after 4:00.
We made it at 10:30pm  

 We stopped in Battle Ground to drop off some 
stuff for Lyndy, It helped loosen up
 our tightly packed car.  It's a great car
But it's not the Van.

After a good nights sleep (Yikes the sheets were in bad shape!)

Friday we hit the beach
Foggy so we have these lovely 
mysterious photos.
If you wanted time without the fog you had to go out
first thing in the morning like the dogs and I.
wait until later in the day when it burned off
It was warm so we didn't care.
Beach Time!

Cindy Lou is being blown by 
the breeze. 

Hazel watches over the kids

I have a set of Trilby kites
 I got for my birthday long ago.
  I never fly them, too much to handle,
 everyone else sure loves them!
I enjoy watching them.

Clint is telling Flynn how to manage them think only 2 were on at the time.

 The dogs discovered
 that if they didn't run really fast the waves would get them.
They had so much fun on the beach. They seem to be able to defy gravity.

 Sand happens!
We did a lot of eye washes

Cool Kid!

Still waiting for the fog to lift!

The sand castle group worked all day long!
Each new builder added or subtracted something.
So the look of the sand building changed a lot as 
time passed

wet sand, what fun!

One dog or two?  Count the legs.

These kites will lift you off the ground if you aren't careful!

Friday finds only The two Reagan family's and the Dunham's on the beach.
Tomorrow the Smiths and Stokes arrive! 
Time for Sunset on the beach 
and yes the fog lifted for sunset!

I love what warm light does!

Hazel says good-night beach

Cindy Lou Who says "Can't we stay longer?"

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