Monday, June 15, 2009

Becoming a two year old takes a party!

Lilly had a party
there was lots of fun and sun and food and friends and cousins!
Here are the photos to prove our efforts.

A princess party requires a well decorated crown!

Lots of sparkles to glue on our crowns

Everyone gets a crown but it's so hard to stand still at two years old!

max will be two just 11 days after Lilly. What fun to be cousins

I did say everyone gets a crown

The cakes must be decorated before we can sing.

Choose a sprinkle

Bomb drop it on the cupcake

What dazzling cakes, fun to make

not fun to eat!

Birthday candle is lite and everyone is singing

And with straw in hand Lilly blows out her candle! Yeah! Clap Clap!

Lilly was a perfect birthday girl all day and evening long!

what wonderfully fun gifts for Lilly

After the childrens party was over the grandparents and Auntie arrived for another round of fun and food. But that will save until tomorrow's posting.

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