Monday, November 1, 2010


Here's a peek at our halloween

Party at the church with Lilly
She is a Robot
There were lots of booths and she tried as many as she had time for

Now for some fishing...Yes that's a Dingle girl

She had her choice of chocolate donuts or white.....

Every year I'm ready for the neighborhood kids but some years there is no one.
This year we waited and waited.  No one, 5pm, 6pm 7pm......1 little group......8pm, 9pm....9:15 Yes at last!
We heard all the new kids came between 3pm and 4 pm and we are in church until 4pm So sadly we missed all the new kids!

Here is what we did get

 What a surprise to get a little group from Maltby

What will we do when these two grow up?
Hope they keep coming even when they are teens!
I will always have candy here for them.

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